1) Is service booking available on website ?

Yes it is. All you need is to fill your details mentioning the desired date and time for service of your vehicle. You may also do the service booking of your vehicle through our customer support app with ease on the go.

2) How can I test drive the vehicle?

You may send the test drive request either through our website or call our dealership numbers and we will be more than happy to schedule a test drive for you.

3) Tell me the engine specifications of Tata Magic ?

Tata Magic Maximum Power is "16 HP @ 3200 RPM: & Maximum Torque is "38 NM @ 2000 RPM".

For more details click here

4) How do I get a quotation for any Tata Motor vehicle ?

Absolutely no problem….Just send a request for a quote through our website for the desired vehicle or call us on our dealership numbers and we will do the rest.

5) Is it mandatory to get a Guarantor ?

No. However, in case you do not meet the eligibility criteria and conditions, a guarantor may be required. Guarantor thereby needs to meet the eligibility criteria and conditions with necessary documentation.

6) What are the main factors affecting the used car value ?

The value of a used car depends upon condition, make and year. Popular models/ colors command higher price. If the car has been maintained well and service record is available it gets weightage and results in a higher quote.

7) What are the make & type of vehicles financed ?

Entire range of vehicles manufactured and sold by Tata Motors are financed by us. Finance is extended for both personal and commercial usage.

8) What is the Price Range for Tata Ultra ?

It's Around ₹ 10.5 – ₹ 11.6 Lakhs , For more details click here